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Apple Watch’s next Activity Challenge goes live on June 21 for International Day of Yoga

2019 June 18
by RSS Feed

Apple is gearing up to activate another Activity Challenge for Apple Watch owners, this time centered around a yoga challenge.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple’s next Activity Challenge for the Apple Watch will go live this Friday, June 21, in honor of International Day of Yoga. Unsurprisingly, the challenge this time around will be completing a timed yoga exercise. In this case, 15 minutes or more.

To get the rewards for completing the challenge, the Apple Watch owner will need to record their yoga exercise of at least 15 minutes using any app that tracks yoga exercises to the Health app. Of course, the Apple Watch supports yoga workouts natively, too.

On June 21, celebrate the International Day of Yoga by earning this award with a yoga workout of 15 minutes or more. Record your time with any app that adds yoga workouts to Health.

There will be the standard virtual trophy handed out by Apple if you complete the yoga exercise on June 21. In addition to that, you will also be rewarded with three different animated stickers, each related to yoga, that can be shared in Messages and FaceTime.

Apple’s last Activity Challenge for the Apple Watch was activated back on Earth Day of this year.

Are you planning on completing this particular Activity Challenge?

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iTunes movie deals: recent releases and 4K action films under $10, MIB trilogy $20, classics under $5

2019 June 18
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Apple on Tuesday updated its iTunes Store with new discounts on movies and other media. Among the deals are the Men In Black trilogy for just $20, 4K action films like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Blade Runner 2049 for under $10, and much more. Check out our full roundup below.

4K action movies under $10

New releases under $10

Add to your collection for under $5

Other movie deals to check out

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iOS 13 lets you use your iPhone mic to fix audio lag behind the annoying lip sync issue

2019 June 18
by RSS Feed

Say hello to Wireless Audio Sync in iOS 13.

This new feature, one of the few notable enhancements spotted in the second developer beta of iOS 13, makes it easy to fix the annoying audio lag that results with actors’ lips being out of sync with audio, which definitely ruins the movie-watching experience.

As first noted by, the Audio and Video sub-section of the Settings app on the second beta of tvOS 13 includes the Wireless Audio Sync option.

You’ll then see a notification on nearby iOS devices informing you to bring an iPhone or iPad running the iOS 13 software or newer near your Apple TV. To start the process, just tap a card that appears on the iOS device. in order to start the process. If you’ve ever paired AirPods or a HomePod with an iOS device, you know what I’m talking about.

9to5Mac‘s Benjamin Mayo has more:

As part of the process, the Apple TV will play a series of tones. The iPhone then measures how long it takes to hear the sounds. This calculation is then saved on the Apple TV. The tvOS operating system can then send audio earlier or later using the time offset it calculated from the Wireless Audio Sync data, thereby synchronizing audio and visual outputs.

Wireless Audio Sync only needs to be performed once. If you change your TV or audio equipment, you may need to go through the steps again, as the inherent delays may have changed.

The audio delay may happen for many reasons, including incorrectly encoded movie files. Most commonly, unsynchronized audio is caused by your TV set processing the video signal at a different time than the audio stream is being transmitted from the speaker.

An easy way to determine if your TV has an audio delay problem requires unplugging any external speakers from the TV and observing how the audio performs.

If you don’t notice any audio delay, the content/source you’re trying to play is a likely culprit. If you experience a delay while watching iTunes movies or YouTube, there may be a problem with your TV or you own a slower model that introduces delay due to slower processing.

Either way, Wireless Audio Sync is here to help with that.

The feature requires an iPhone with iOS 13 and an Apple TV running tvOS 13 or newer.

What are your thoughts on Wireless Audio Sync? Ade you looking forward to using it?

Let us know in the comments down below.

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The stylish AirTime buds from iFrogz offer sweat resistance, auto-pair mode, long battery life, EQ other perks for the price you can’t beat

2019 June 18
by RSS Feed

iFrogz, a Zagg-owned headphone brand, last week unveiled their latest pair of totally affordable, truly wireless earbuds with sweat resistance, Bluetooth 5, long battery life and other cool features that we didn’t have the time to mention due to the influx of WWDC news.

Truly wireless earbuds

Dubbed AirTime, these earbuds offer many of the features normally associated with higher-priced products, such as Powerbeats Pro, and even some capabilities not yet supported by AirPods. They rock 8mm drivers to help maintain a slim design.

One thing’s certain— the buds are definitely stylish.

Don’t worry about fit—unlike AirPods, the latest iFrogz earphones ship with three included pairs of ear tips and ear wings that let you enjoy a personalized fit.

Watch iFrogz’s quick introduction video embedded right below.

Charging case

Like AirPods and Powerbeats Pro, these buds arrive in a protective case with a built-in battery that provides four full charges for a total of 15 listening hours away from a power source. A quick five-minute charge brings the tiny battery in each earbud from dead to fifty percent.

As soon as you open the case, the earbuds automatically pair together without any action on your part. Pairing to a Bluetooth host device is still manual work but that’s understandable because the product doesn’t have Apple’s special headphone chip for seamless pairing.

IPX4 rating, dual microphones

They’re an IPX4-rated (just like the new Powerbeats Pro sporty earphones from the Apple-owned Beats brand), meaning you can safely use AirTime as your workout headphones without fear of sweat or moisture getting inside and wreaking havoc.

Unlike AirPods, however, iFrogz has outfitted their new earbuds with three equalizer settings — signature, podcast and bass. Built-in dual microphones use beam-forming, like AirPods, to maximize performance during calls. You can choose to use both earbuds simultaneously for an enhanced stereo phone call experience, or individually to save power.

Bluetooth 5 and voice assistants

As mentioned, the AirTime earphones feature Bluetooth 5 connectivity that increases their effective range and speeds up pairing. And thanks to Bluetooth 5 compatibility, AirTime should work with the new dual-listening feature enabled by the iOS 13 update.

And lastly, the earbuds are voice-capable with Apple Siri or Google Assistant.

Pricing and availability

Of course the AirTime buds compete on price!

At just sixty bucks a pop, they’re priced significantly higher than a pair of AirPods with the wireless charging case ($199) or the regular one ($159). For that kind of money, you cannot even treat yourself to a standalone wireless charging case for your AirPods ($79).

The AirTime Truly Wireless Earbuds, as they’re calling them, are available now at the iFrogz website and select retailers nationwide for $60 in Black, White, Blue and Peach.

How do you like these earphones? Do they offer a great value for money, in your personal opinion? And how do they compare against AirPods and Powerbeats Pro?

Share your opinion with the community in the comments down below.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 06/18/2019

2019 June 18
by RSS Feed

Visual Math 4D , Captain Cowboy , War of Eclipse and more


War of Eclipse ( $0.99 → Free ) Game Stew War of Eclipse is unabashedly retro. Its pixel art graphics are sharp and its gameplay brutally difficult. You’re able to choose from seven powerful battleships, each of which can be customized in a variety of ways. Blast away all kinds of alien invaders by perfectly timing your shots. The game includes 35 enemy types to take on, random equipment drops, and seven different endings to discover.


Visual Math 4D ( $1.99 → Free ) Ronny Weidemann VisualMath 4D is a professional graphical calculator. It allows you to browse through a collection of built-in functions like trigonometrical, rounding, and sum and product or you can compute your own. Functions can be drawn in 2D, 3D, and 4D all with a time variable. You’re also able to save your functions, rotate and zoom in on the graph in three dimensions, and display multiple graphs at once.

Captain Cowboy ( $0.99 → Free ) Wadonk AB Captain Cowboy is pure nostalgia. You’re able to explore a massive handcrafted world with only the swipe of your finger. Dig through debris in search of diamonds, push unbreakable boulders out of your way, and cross paths with friendly Snorkhogs and dangerous Gnurfs. Whatever you do, avoid getting sucked out into the abyss and smashed by avalanches of boulders. There’s so much to see that you’ll need to access your handy auto-map from time to time in order to stay on track.

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